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We are a busy multi-disciplinary clinic, with professionals on board and established as also a recruitment agency. Supporting job seekers and recruiting organisations, we match the best candidate to the perfect jobs nationally and internationally.

Initially setup as a healthcare clinic, we have expanded our area of expertise to provide recruitment services to the healthcare industry. Our team of professionals, have over a decade of experience in support individuals to pursue their chosen career, and a proven track record in finding high calibre candidates for our own team and recruiting clients.

As a team with over a decade of experience in supporting individuals to pursue their career with us, and a proven track record of achieving maximum customer satisfaction through our staffs.

Whatever your skills and expertise, we offer enough opportunities to last a career lifetime.

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International Recruitments

Alongside London-based and regional UK recruitment activity, our Head Office in London and branches in international countries recruits for healthcare roles all over Europe and UK including temporary and permanent staffing.

Whether you’re looking to hire someone in Europe, the Middle East, the US, or globally, we have the infrastructure in place to accommodate your needs without compromising the level of service and calibre of candidates that we introduce to our clients. Our network is such that we are able to recruit far afield. Our HR recruiters are able to source exceptional staffs across the UK, Europe, MENA region and Asian countries. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.

Through creating long-term relationships with the candidates, we source, we aim to add value at each step of the recruitment process, ensuring you find the suitable candidate that is perfect for your organisation.

We provide a selection of tailor-made services to match our client’s requirement. We aim for the most successful, professional, and efficient way to recruit high quality candidates. Within our allocations we look to manage every aspect of the search, providing you with a distinctly personal, professional, and confidential service whilst working strictly within your budget and timescales.

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We pride ourselves on delivering unbeatable customer service and only work on results. For more information about how we can add value to your recruitment processes please contact us on 0208126677 or [email protected].