One of the most popular cardiac exams, an ECG (electrocardiogram) tracks the electrical activity, rhythm, and beat of your heart. Any problems with the electrical impulses of the heart are found during the exam. An entirely painless treatment, an ECG is relatively easy to undertake.

An ECG often requires no prior preparation. Any preparations will be instructed prior to the procedure if needed.  When getting an ECG, it’s recommended to avoid applying any oils or lotions on the area of procedure as it might hinder the adhesive pads from adhering. A good tip is to avoid wearing too many layers or anything that is difficult to take off during the procedure.

Before your ECG, a health expert will discuss the procedures and answer your concerns to ensure that you are aware of the procedure. The ECG will be done by an experienced health expert.

ECGs can be taken to detect or management of the following (not limited to):

In order to keep yourself informed about your heart health; ECG may also be a part of your routine check-ups.

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