GP Consultation

Private GP Consultation

All patients are welcome, whether they are registered with us previously or not. All it takes is a simple phone call or email to book your appointment. We make high-quality healthcare accessible to patients at affordable costs. 

Our clinicians provide consultation through a hybrid (face-to-face and online) approach that is linked to an excellent range of diagnostic and analytical facilities, many of which are housed in the same premises.

The precise diagnostic testing will be determined by our physicians, that can range from blood tests and urine analysis to X-rays, CT, MRI, and ultrasound scans, as well as cardiac testing (ECG).

To provide a coordinated approach, individualised service, and continuity of care at the high standards you expect and deserve, our team takes responsibility for your care and keeps track of your whole patient journey from initial diagnosis to successful treatment.

By bridging the gap, our team of medical experts gives you the flexibility to decide where and when you receive health-care services. They give you the ability to regularly check on your family’s health and your own. 

Benefits of using our private GP service:

medical examination in Wembley

Our private GP services in our clinic include

How to make a booking

To schedule an appointment, please phone the clinic or email us. Contact details you can find on contact page

Treatments are transferable between clients under the circumstances that the clinic is notified and agreed prior to the client’s arrival. Skin pre-paid single sessions, treatments and packages will expire 12 months from date of purchase. View terms & conditions for all treatments. To view our cancellation & refund policy.

Cancellation policy: all cancellations must be notified more than 24 hours prior to treatment. Failure to do so, will result in charge and loss of session.

Packages are available and can be discussed during your Consultation with us at the Clinic.

Book in your free consultation

During your initial free consultation, we’ll provide you with the key information you need to make informed decisions of your treatments, including an in-depth explanation of the treatment procedures, side effects and transparent pricing fitting to your bespoke treatment plan.