Nutritionist Services

Nutritionist Services

Our nutrition and dietic team assess and provide dietary therapy in accordance with various medical or non-medical conditions, tailored to each individual.

Our service ensures that a personalised nutrition plan is made, to create a positive change to your diet and lifestyle and help you feel good inside and out. We provide our clients with an engaging and knowledgeable consultation experience, in which our experienced nutritionists explore in depth each health concerns precisely, present dietary and lifestyle recommendations and build an exclusive treatment plan.

Our highly experienced nutritionists recognise any imbalance and deficiencies and provide a holistic approach to identify the factors impacting the overall health of the individual.

Through clinical research and evidence-based approach we are determined to support in line with your concerns and conditions ranging from weight management, chronic conditions to bowel to digestive disorders.

We offer a comprehensive consultation in person at our clinic or online, according to your availability and in both approaches, the same exceptional service will be offered to you. Through our experience, accountability is proven to be highly important and therefore we recommend our clients have a succession of appointments booked to attain their health goals promptly.

To find out more, please feel free to contact us or book in your consultation with one of our experienced nutritionists.

How it works?

What you can expect at your consultation:

Treatments are transferable between clients under the circumstances that the clinic is notified and agreed prior to the client’s arrival. Skin pre-paid single sessions, treatments and packages will expire 12 months from date of purchase. View terms & conditions for all treatments. To view our cancellation & refund policy.

Cancellation policy: all cancellations must be notified more than 24 hours prior to treatment. Failure to do so, will result in charge and loss of session.

Packages are available and can be discussed during your Consultation with us at the Clinic.

Book in your free consultation

During your initial free consultation, we’ll provide you with the key information you need to make informed decisions of your treatments, including an in-depth explanation of the treatment procedures, side effects and transparent pricing fitting to your bespoke treatment plan.