Blood Test Disclaimer Statement

Blood Test Disclaimer Statement

The results of the blood test that you request will not be reviewed by our doctor for any abnormalities.

Private Blood Tests London accepts no responsibility or liability for patients electing to undergo blood tests on a self-referral basis without first seeking the advice of a registered medical practitioner.

This service is not designed to replace a diagnostic medical consultation, if you are suffering from health problems you MUST see a clinician.

Please note that this testing service is not designed for clinically urgent cases, as blood samples are referred to an external laboratory for analysis. Turnaround times listed on the website should be treated as a guideline to when patients should expect to receive results. Clinically urgent blood tests should only be ordered under the care of a registered medical practitioner, not on a self-request basis.

Patients making an appointment for a blood test on a self-request basis should be aware that they will receive the laboratory report for the selected test only and consent for test results to be emailed to their booking email address without any review, comment, interpretation, advice on suitability of the test, diagnosis or explanation of results from the doctor or the clinic.

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