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Driver Medical

Taxi/Private Hire Vehicle Medical

Before receiving their operating license, all drivers must successfully complete a medical examination for taxi drivers. To guarantee that taxi drivers are in sufficient physical condition to safely operate a private hire vehicle on public roads, tests are carried out. Following the examination, our doctors may need to determine if you fulfil group 2 standards in accordance with the TFL or required council’s regulations.

PCV Medical

A PCV medical is required for all bus, minibus, and coach drivers. According to the law, both forms of PCV licenses require the completion of a D4 form, and a suitable medical exam must be passed before a license may be issued. A medical examination is required when applying for a PCV (Bus) exceeding 8 passenger seats (D1, D1+E, or D+ E), according to current PCV licensing regulations.

HGV & LGV Medical

Any changes to an HGV or LGV license holder’s health must be reported to the DVLA immediately. Depending on the circumstances, this may necessitate the completion of a subsequent medical evaluation. When applying for a vehicle that weighs between 3.5 and 7.5 tons, a small or medium lorry or full-sized lorry (HGV & LGV), (C, C1 + E, C+E), DVLA D4 form must be completed, and a medical exam must be passed.

Crane & Forklift Operator Medical Certification

The HSE recommends that a separate medical standards DVLA equivalent for group 1&2 be required for a person’s fitness to operate workplace transportation. Your medical examination will always be done in compliance with DVLA with our fully experienced GMC (General Medical Council) registered doctors.

Ambulance Driver Medical

Due to the weight of the vehicle, you will require at least a C1 license to become an ambulance driver. A DVLA D4 medical exam is required for all drivers of emergency vehicles, including ambulances, police cars etc.

Motorhome Driver Medical

Caravanning has been and continues to be quite popular in the United Kingdom. Many people buy caravans with the intention of exploring extensively, but you may require an additional entitlement on their driver’s license to tow them. Driving caravans weighing between 3500 and 7500 kilograms, horse-box vehicles/carriages and big trailers all require a C1E license. The C1 license requires a D4 type medical assessment.

Business Services

We can provide driver medicals at a discount for your employees and ensure that our doctors are competent in performing the checks smoothly and correctly according to the applicable criteria.

Contact us now for your bespoke driver medical package.

Contacting our team will provide you with further information and allow you to schedule your driver medicals if you have any additional queries.

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