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Changing your Life

Willow Housing and Support Services provide housing and support services. We are passionate about changing lives. 

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About Us

At Willow Housing and Support Services, we believe in a sustainable and fair society, where good households and other opportunities help people enjoy happy, healthy and independent lives. We are a housing and support service company, providing homes and support across the United Kingdom.

We are an service provider with an operational model focused on providing housing and support services, ad-hoc transportation, semi independent living services through transparent partnerships with our customers and key stakeholders. Our services are accessible through a single point of contact. 

Our team works closely with all stakeholder in a way that is highly confidential to community cohesion issue and guided through a fully vetted ethical trading policy. 

Why Choose Us

Our Services

Services we provide

Asylum Seekers

We provide vital community accommodation and support services for people while their asylum claim is being processed ensuring safety and respect to some of the most vulnerable people in society while they await an outcome on their immigration status.

Homelessness and complex needs

We deliver support to disadvantaged people in our communities including many that has complex needs. This also includes domestic abuse services.

Semi Independent living for young people and learning disabilities

We offer semi-independent, supported accommodation for young people to make a smooth transition into adulthood so they are prepared to live independently. We aim to support all young individuals in our setting feel included and valued, giving them the best head start and stable foundation to the long journey ahead.

Become a Supplier

At Willow Housing and Support Services, we aim to build long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, venture partners, our suppliers, and tactical partners. We certify the following: making the most of the benefits of supplier selection, heighten efficiency and success of our operations, improve sustainability, and develop positive associations with our suppliers.

We have a dedicated team to make sure our approach is put into practice.

If you are interested in becoming a supplier to Willow Housing and Support Services, please do get in contact with us and our team will reach out to you to discuss further. 

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